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The mattress has become one of the essential domestic needs for everyone. Mattress Protectors & Covers give you comfort while sleeping. The next day, you can work with your full devotion. It has become essential for households to enhance mattress life. moreover, It is essential to protect it from dust, water, urine, stain, and many other unhygienic materials. Mattress Protectors & Covers.

This is a way to protect your mattress from dust, stains, spillovers, and unhygienic materials. These are breathable as well as durable. It will give a comfortable feel while sleeping. These are available in different sizes, colors, fabrics, and designs.

You can order these covers online and get hassle-free delivery at home.


Can we protect mattresses from dust and fluid?
Yes, we can. presents a reliable solution to safeguard your mattress. These protective covers are dustproof as well as waterproof.

What is the difference between dustproof and waterproof mattress cover?
Dustproof only protects it from dust and solid materials. While waterproof mattress cover protects not only from dust, stain but also from all kinds of fluids as well. The dustproof cover is cost-effective as it provides only one feature.

Are these covers suitable for all kinds of mattresses?
Yes. these are suitable for all kinds of mattresses including foam and spring simultaneously.

Are these covers available in standard size only?
No. Mattress protector covers are customizable. Although the standard sizes are available, customizable sizes are also available. The standard size includes single, queen, king, and baby cart simultaneously. You can also ask for any size customization by providing your dimension (length x width x height).

Which fabric is used in mattress covers?
In Pakistan, cotton fabric, jersey fabric, and jeans type fabric are used in the dustproof cove. Terry cotton, jersey, and jeans fabric are used with waterproof lamination on the backside of the cover in the waterproof cover.

How can I buy these mattress Protectors?
You can buy these covers by visiting our website an order online or you can also book the order on our WhatsApp which is mentioned on our website.

Are these mattress covers deliverable all over Pakistan?
Yes. We offer free home delivery all over Pakistan. Whether you are from a city or village, will deliver them at your doorstep.