Sofa Covers: A Way To Protect Your Couches

Furniture is an essential item for every house and Sofas are an essential part of the furniture in the house. Sofas are also known as Couches. Most of the people keep their couches in drawing rooms for guests and few people use couches in daily routine. Dust can destroy the beauty of your Sophisticated couches. Every person has its own way of living. Some people care about their costly and sophisticated furniture and some people treat furniture as a routine item but, in both scenarios, it’s our duty to protect our furniture for long life.
Here is going to share the best way to protect your sofa/couches from Dust and Deterioration by giving a new life to your lovely couches. She9 has launched different types of Couch protected covers called SOFA COATS and SOFA COVERS. Have a look, hope you will like it.

Sofa Coats

As couches are considered the dearest living item of the home, that’s why people love to care it with beautiful trendy styles. You have to cover it from spills, pets, kids, food shedding Sofa Coats also called Couch Coats and Slip Covers. Sofa Coats are considered the best way to give a luxury look to your Sofas/Couches. These covers are stitched under the polyester quilted form in which the top layer consists of cotton/duck fabric while the bottom layer consists of non-woven/cotton. The polyester sheet is quilted between these two layers of fabric. 

There are two limitations of Sofa Coats.

  1. Actually, the design of this couch cover is like Christian Cross (Sleeb / سلیب/ plus Style) that’s why it will not cover the whole sofa and front side will be naked.
  2. You have to wash it carefully because of quilted polyester.


Sofa Covers (Elastic)

If you want to cover the whole sofa then Elastic sofa cover is considered the best item in the economic budget, These covers are available in Silk, Jersey, Jacquard, Embossed Velvet, and Jeans fabric.

Sofa Covers (Fitted)

Fitted sofa covers are made with jersey (4 sided stretching) fabric, with some elastic fabric easily adjustable according to the sofa shape.

Sofa Mats

Unlike sofa covers, sofa mats did not cover the whole sofa. Sofa mats can be used to give a luxury look to your sofas just like Sofa Coats. Quilting is also a feature of Sofa Mats.